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Expert Plumbing Services - Your go-to plumber for fast, efficient, and affordable plumbing services in Wausau, Wisconsin.

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We'll fix your plumbing problems fast and perfectly while saving you $100s if not $1000s!

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Plumbers Wausau Offers a Range of Professional Plumbing Services

Professional Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services

All Plumbing repairs and unblocking services including installations and repairs of Bath Tub, Shower, Toilet, Sink and Faucet.

Repair, cleaning, and replacement service for clogged drains and pipes.

Installation, service and repair of new and leaky pipes.

Why Choose Plumbers Wausau?

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing which plumbers in the Wausau area to work with.  Don't settle for cheap plumbing services.  Here are some reasons to consider our plumbing services.

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Get your repairs, replacements, or installations done immediately not weeks.


Get services done when it works best for you.  24 Hour Emergency Plumber on your schedule.

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Make the best decision. Get peace of mind with our no-obligation estimates.  


Each project is thoroughly and efficiently completed. Never cutting corners. 100% satisfaction! 

About Us
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Plumbers in Wausau, WI

Plumbing may not be the most glamorous topic, but it's undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects of any building. You might not realize it, but plumbing is like the backbone of your home or workplace, just like how oxygen is essential to keep us alive. Without a functioning plumbing system, we would be unable to perform basic daily tasks like washing dishes, taking showers, or flushing the toilet. In fact, it's even required by law for homes to have indoor plumbing before they're considered livable. Plumbing services cover a wide range of tasks, from installing complex heating systems and boilers to fixing leaky faucets and unclogging drains. Neglecting plumbing issues can wreak havoc on your daily routine and potentially lead to devastating consequences that could cost you thousands of dollars. So, don't underestimate the importance of your plumbing system, and make sure to stay on top of regular maintenance to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Client Reviews

We're the best Wausau plumbers and provide great plumbing services in your area all around the year!

Jenny G


Very friendly and reasonable rates. Will definitely use them again!


Phil P


Gave me an estimate to replace a couple old plumbing fixtures did the work right away and was less than his estimate. Very friendly fellow and I will have him do more work. Happy to find a decent price plumber. Thank you.


Joel P


Fast... Great work...easy to deal with! Thank you!


Gail A


Wow what a treat to have someone give u the service u expect. Very nice dealing with them very courteous and respectful. Will do business with them again.

Our Clients


  • Why does the toilet keep running?
    This is likely due to the flapper not shutting properly or sealing around the flush valve. In the event that the flapper isn't leading properly, wiggle the handle, and that normally should fix the issue. You may have to replace the flapper if it is defective and worn out. If not replaced, the flapper will not seal properly allowing water to continue leaking into the toilet due to not being able to fill the tank with water to raise the float up which shuts off the supply of water. Check out our "How To Fix a Running Toilet" blog for tips on adjusting the float arms.
  • What can I put in my garbage disposal?
    Garbage disposals are not garbage trucks and will only break up soft foods. Hard items such as bones, coffee grounds, eggshells, or any hard product will damage the blades and either clog up or jam the disposal. Make sure to always run water while running the garbage disposal to help break down and flush the items down the drain.
  • Is it safe to use chemical drain cleaners?
    Yes and No. Certain drain cleaners are very toxic. These could potentially harm your pipes. The toxic chemicals are very bad for your pipes, causing them to deteriorate from the inside out. If any damages occur then your drain lines will need to be replaced. Make sure to use enzyme and friendly bacteria products that will keep grease and sludge from building up inside of your pipes.
  • Why does my drain get clogged?
    Clogged drains are pretty common. Drains get clogged because people are not careful of what goes in the drain. Drains, like the bathroom get clogged due to residues from soap and hair. If you are experiencing clogged drains try treating them with a safe cleaner such as Drano which can be found at any box retailer. Also most importantly be conscious of what you put down your drain. If you need tips on how to unclogged your drain make sure to visit our "Common Plumbing Problems and How to Solve Them" tips.
  • Where is my main water shut-off valve??
    If you've never had to shut off the water to your home, you probably don’t know where to locate your main water shut-off valve. Most of the time the valve is near your water heater. Follow the water lines from your water heater and to a valve that is roughly 3 feet above ground level. If you can't locate it, try to find your home inspection report (if you hired a home inspector when you first purchased your house). This should contain a notation of where your shut-off valve is located.
  • Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?
    This indicates hydrogen sulfide is present. Sulfur is not typically a threat to your health. For water heater issues, you will want to have it serviced by a professsional. For water source issues, ensure your system offers proper ventilation for the gas and install a home and water filtration unit to eliminate sulfur bacteria.
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