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400 Block 401 Third Street Wausau, 54403

The four hundred Block became bought through director McIndoe in 1853 for $100. the first constructing made at the four hundred Block modified into the second county courthouse. This changed the 1851 County Clerk’s Office. The ordinal courthouse become associate increasing range of currently not huge adequate to manage the county’s developing population, thus it become razed.
Third Courthouse 1868-1892
The third courthouse become constructed in 1868. It become a two-tale Greek Revival body form and had a court (not just like the others). In 1892, the 0.33 courthouse become torn down.
Fourth Courthouse 1892-1955
Interior Exterior Stop at the River Life Park
The fourth courthouse became made in 1892. Designed through H.C. Koch in Milwaukee, this huge Richardson style of architecture fashion courthouse changed into constructed for $65,000. The contractor John Miller used Marathon County brick and granite to construct it. decide Louis Marchetti wrote that it “some distance surpasses some issue once accomplished therein line in former years.” The 1892 courthouse hosted the observance of the Wausau cluster leader, Neal Brown, in 1917.
sculptures: Then & currently
war – The left image indicates the Statue at the four hundred Block. It presently sits at the Southeast nook of the Marathon county seat .
warfare One – The left image indicates the sculpture at the four hundred Block. it's presently placed on the Southwest nook of the Marathon county seat .
Retail Stores 1955-2002
The Richardson style of architecture Courthouse became destroyed in 1955 to form area for the retail outlets JC Penney, Kinney Shoes, 3 Sisters, and S.S. Kresge. The Tea Shop, Eastbay, and completely different shops modified sort of the distinctive shops. By 1996, all the shops had left their homes, prompting the introduction of the Courthouse sq. Committee that equal year.
Public Park 2002-Present Day
In 1998, the fresh obtained four hundred Block became distinctive as a public open rectangular through the town of Wausau. the oblong modified into cleared of homes and opened as a park in 2002. Public live shows during this rectangular became common, and pretty popular, therefore the town of Wausau designed a band shell in 2011. in conjunction with the band shell dawned a lighted fountain and a seating place with tables and chairs. $1 million of the complete $1.2 million production worth become donated, and also the various $200,000 became equipped through the town of Wausau. The four hundred Block is presently domestic to plenty of events, in conjunction with Concerts at the Square, Chalkfest, Marketplace Thursdays, skating and many of various events.
The four hundred Block originated as how to update vacant plenty getting ready to the Wausau Center Mall and the Grand Theater. once the metropolis determined that some issue should be accomplished withinside the place withinside the due 90s, they spent further than $1 million to shop for for the vacant plenty and demolish the homes. The metropolis council approved the $1.four million mission layout in August 2009 with almost $350,000 from in-type services, equipment, and substances purchases. however the metropolis couldn't have enough cash to urge hold of the whole mission, thus investment became slender for just about a decade.  See now
Construction of the Block completed in mid-June, and also the respectable self-possession ceremony happened June 20. The metropolis determined to use the place for live shows and farmers markets, but currently there could even be in addition a degree for Concerts at the sq. (which take location at some purpose of the summer) and a completely unique water fountain. it's as if a extraordinarily smart location to know out, lure many rays, and luxuriate in a few music, art, or even food. Basically, what you'd probably anticipate which is in a position to do withinside the downtown of any vibrant metropolis.
thus with an terrific amount of assist from people, committees, and businesses, the four hundred Block has all began to revitalize downtown Wausau. It’s got us thinking: as we tend to absolute confidence say no to take a seat back downtown services because of the actual fact the metropolis can’t have enough cash it, should we use the energy of our network to assist build changes manifest right here in Eau Claire? artistic thinkers, begin your engines.



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