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Greenwood Hills Country Club 202 Poplar lane, Wausau, Wisconsin, USA

Carved by rolling hills, manicured with beautiful native trees and grasses, these brilliant views rise up and before long you will discover what our people really know. Greenwood Hills Country Club is basically a street. We give our people and their visitors comfortable conditions for the landscape. and a ton get a lot more choices than any field in our space. Through long periods of constant updates, Greenwood Hills Country Club has made it possible for players of all skill levels to play here, whether you are a new golfer or a veteran, low-impact player, we have a variety of tees to suit your game. Our longest field chance, the black tees, extends to a distance of 7,017 yards anyway, so it plays much longerrugged area. Our shortest course option, the Teal Tees, is 4,824 yards, which is the USGA average for women, and also offers a variety of tee shots for our budding young players. There are four arrangements in between to meet the needs of all ages, orientations and ability ratings. We also offer phenomenal range and short margin to improve your game. Greenwood Hills Country Club organization was consolidated in 1989.Upon joining, a partnership agreement was struck with many local financiers who shared the vision of building a golf headquarters in the Wausau area. This meeting of financial sponsors is part of the Board of Presidents of Greenwood Hills Country Club, Inc. Ongoing development began in 1991. The mid-year and fall of 1992 also brought record rain to the area in the spring of 1993, causing several setbacks and delays in development of the course. Development of the Front 9 was completed mid-year.  See Monk Botanical Gardens. 1993 and open to the public in October.The development of Back 9 was completed in June 1994 and the full eighteen holes were opened for play in August of that year. Capacity and body work environment management for humans. In 1998, the pool expansion was completed, providing people with a swimming pool, a children's running pool, and bathroom offices for everyone to enjoy. A certified cooperative sanctuary for birders, one of only five in Wisconsin and 236 worldwide. Harmony with nature is centered on Greenwood Hills Country Club.A replacement tee area team was maintained in 2007 and 2008, which restored some tee boxes and eight new additional tee areas. Tees measure 4788 yards, moving our tee shot forward and enclosing the distance line with USGA suggested course length for women and older juniors.  During the 2017 season they've added another local health area with 5 cardio machines with Interface TVs and golf exercises and stretching to help their staff improve their fitness and golf coordination. The local health sector is open to all. Enrollment Groups and a Wellness Mentor are open based on the schedule. Greenwood Hills offers its folks winter tickets with its preset trails for cross-country skiing, tire touring, and snowshoeing. look at this



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