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Frozen Water Pipes? Use These 5 Tips now!

plumbers wausau 5 tips how to thaw frozen water pipe

In those places where the temperature falls frequently underneath freezing point, frozen pipe repair becomes an ordinary thing. Every year, there are many home and business owners who need to call a plumber to fix their frozen water pipes. A frozen pipe could evolve into a serious problem and will limit access to water for the simplest needs such as drinking, cooking, hygiene, and other day-to-day chores. We strongly recommend maintaining your pipes annually and if any freezing or problems do arise to get them resolved by a professional plumbing company, however, if you're in a pinch, see our 5 tips on how to thaw your frozen water pipes given below.

5 tips on how to thaw your frozen water pipes

1. Make sure that your pipe hasn't cracked due to freezing. When water freezes it will expand the pipe and the end result is cracked pipes. If your pipe has cracked, it is should be replaced/repaired immediately by a plumber.

2. When you realize that your line doesn't have any cracks or breaks, turn-off the water running in the line. While those living in older houses may need to shut off their main water valve, in newer houses, some can shut off specific sections of their pipes with individual shut-off valves.

3. Now you should open up all the facets that are connected to the frozen pipe. This can assist you with moving the frosty cold water out of your pipes. When the pressure inside the pipes has been removed, allow the defrosted water to travel its way out of the pipe.

4. To thaw the center of the pipe, many plumbers advise to wrap a towel around the pipe and pour warm to hot water on it. This will warm the pipe and melt any frozen or hard chunks of ice. One also can make use of a handheld dryer to blow warm air onto the part of the pipe it is frozen.

5. To thaw the remaining part of a frozen water pipe, one can also utilize placing a small room heater next to the pipe for a minimum of at least an hour. This will provide a sufficient quantity of warm heat to help thaw out any frozen parts of the pipe. However, makes sure to keep an eye on the area when using a room heater.

Plumbers also emphasize the importance of using electric-powered pipe heating tapes when needed to help thaw frozen water pipes. Plumbing torches are also commonly used when trying to thaw frozen pipes, but in the case of ABS and PVC pipes, they rarely work. Again, please use extreme caution when trying to resolve the problem without the help of a professional plumber. One problem could lead to larger problems or worst yet fatal outcomes. If you are inexperienced with any of the tools or processes please do not proceed without consulting with a local plumber.

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