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How to tell if your Home has Copper Pipe Corrosion

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Plumbers wausau How to tell if your Home has Copper Pipe Corrosion

Copper is an incredible material for plumbing since it is exceptionally impenetrable to corrosion. Regardless of whether it is heated water, cold water, even saltwater, copper is solid, enduring metal for water channeling. Even if you have proper plumbing maintenance and care, in any case, copper corrosion can still occur in certain circumstances.

Well water is perhaps the most common cause of corrosion in copper fitted homes. The chance of high acidity is a lot more prominent in well water than city water. In the event that the pH level of the water is lower than 6.5, you may have issues with corrosion.

While there are ways for you to maintain your home’s plumbing system, how might you tell if your pipes are in danger of corrosion? Make sure to test your water's pH levels. Additionally, you can visually inspect your pipes for any discoloration or oxidation. The stains on the lines will look black or greenish and will typically starting at the seams or around the fittings. The loss of water pressure and water discolorations are additional signs. If you have concerns about your home plumbing make sure to reach out to your local plumber. Your Wausau plumber will be able to provide answers and solutions that will best fit your needs.

Another large clue is the presence of pinhole leaks in your copper pipes. A pinhole shows up when the line has pitted, permitting consumption to start within the pipe. As corrosion eats its way through the pipe, it will appear as a little, drippy, pin size hole called a pinhole leak.

In the event that you start to see indicators of corrosion in your copper pipes, try to make fix the leak or problem promptly; remedying the issue at an early stage will spare you from the possibilities of larger more costly water damage down the road. If you cannot resolve the plumbing emergency on your own it would be best to contact a plumber near or in Wausau WI immediately.

Some routes you could take now to protect your copper pipes are installing an acidic water filtration system if your water's pH levels are low. This filtration system will assist with offsetting the pH levels. Another method that will help you from having to deal with copper corrosion problems is to replace them with plastic PVC pipes; while costly, the replacement doesn't need to be completed at the same time; PVC pipes can also be connected with existing copper pipes with special plastic fittings.

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