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The Best Way To Clean Your Drains

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Plumbers Wausau The Best Way To Clean Your Drains

Bathroom Sink and Tub Drains:

The main source of restroom sink clogs is from toothpaste and long hair.

In the event that you have a clogged washroom sink or tub, try filling the bowl with high temp water and afterward unplugging the drain to flush the pipes.

In the event that that doesn't work, you can use a plunger, utilize a snake to remove the clog.

Prevent bathroom sink and tub drain clogs by:

You can ensure your washroom channels are unclogged by running high temp water after your daily hygiene routines to ensure the hot water disintegrates the water-dissolvable materials in your toothpaste or cleanser.


If hair is a problem, put a drain saver in your bath to catch hair, rather than letting it drain down the pipes where it can bunch and cause clogs.

Also, make sure to not flush hair down the toilet.


There are just three things that ought to go down the toilet: #1 and #2 (you know), and bathroom toilet paper.

Whatever else is presumably excessively enormous, won't be biodegradeable, and will most likely get stuck.

There's nothing more awful than a backed-up toilet or flooding your bathroom.

If you can't unplug your toilet yourself, it might be time to call a plumber.

Prevent toilet clogs by:

Make a point to only flush things that should only go down the toilet.

Kitchen Drains:

In the event that you have a clogged sink, try flushing the pipes with high temp water and dish cleanser to breakdown and loosen the clog.

Run very high temp water down the channel to loosen the clog, following up with grease dissolving dish cleanser.

On the off chance that the clog doesn't free up, utilize a kitchen plunger and then repeat with the rinsing of hot water and grease-dissolving dish soap.

Another suggestion is to try a natural mix by putting a mixture of equal parts baking soda and vinegar down the pipes.

Prevent kitchen drain clogs by:

#1 advice is to keep oil away from the drains.

Oil may go down the line hot and in a fluid state but could harden into a mass as it cools, which can cause clogs.

It's smarter to place oil in a container that you can discard after it has set.

You can likewise utilize a wire drain catcher at the top of your kitchen sink to keep food from going down the drain.

In the event that you have a waste disposal, you should consistently run it with some additional water in the wake of utilizing it to ensure food scraps are pushed

Make it a point to keep things like eggshells, tacky vegetables (like celery or carrots), and other large solids out of the sink drain.

Most of the time the best way to clean and clear out clogged drains is by using a plunger and snakes and some hot water.

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